Delicious cuisine

From the foothills of the mountain and along the curvy roads, with every turn the air becomes a little fresher and the view more grand. One no longer needs to keep the car windows shut or wear a mask. This place is known as Taipei’s MaoKong region.


Lytea stands tall on the Maokong mountain as a place to enjoy tea, food, and culture. It’s wooden building with stylish and innovative design stands independent, yet at the same time, well integrated with the city and mountain.

landscape restaurant

Let's set out on

a fantastic journey

when the sun rises !



Let's set out on a fantastic journey

when the sun rises !



Address: Taipei, Wen Shan District, Zhi Nan Rd. Section 3, Alley 38, No. 14-2

Telephone: 02-2939-4050


Closed every Monday (except for holidays)

And Tuesdays of the 2nd and 4th week or after holidays


Accept credit cards

Seating for 280 people

No service fees


Directions: Take Interstate 3, exiting at the WanFang Interchange. Turn right onto MuZha Rd, then left onto ZhiNan Rd. section 2. Continue following the road indicators looking for ZhiNan Rd. Section 3, Alley 34. Then continue until you see ZhiNan Rd. Section 3, alley 38.